Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Sugaring & Waxing?

A: Sugar is a natural product that is used at room temperature that only adheres to hair & dead skin cells. A sugar paste is moulded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth (with a hand-held technique).  It's then extracted with the natural direction of hair growth. This allows hairs to slide out gently causing, less pain, less irritation, less breakage, less and less ingrowns.  

Wax is a resin based product that is heated to a high degree that adheres hair & live skin cells. Waxing uses sticks & pellon strips that remove hairs against the natural hair growth.  This allows hairs to bend backwards & breakage can occur causing this method to be more painful, more irritation, more breakage and cause more ingrowns.

Q: How long do I need to grow my hair before my first Sugaring Treatment? 

A:  A minimum of 2 weeks of hair growth is required for treatments (at least 1/4" long) Please do not trim or shave hair prior to your appointment (well will trim if needed) Avoid using any lotions, sprays or powders. 

Q:  Do you have to be licensed Esthetician to do Sugaring?

A: Yes! All Sugarists should be a licensed Esthetician by the Board of Barbering & Cosmotology in there current state. Also all Sugarists should be certified & trained by a reputable sugaring company. These two certificates should be posted clearly in the establishment. 

Q:  Does Sugaring hurt?

A: The most discomfort exists on your initial Sugaring visit, but decreases significantly with each treatment thereafter. As your hair growth diminishes (becoming thinner & lighter) the amount of discomfort less and gets easier & more gentle.

Q: Is Sugaring sanitary?

A: Yes. Sugar is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. Sugar is applied with a gloved hand and a fresh ball of sugar paste is used on each client.  No sticks or strips-means no risk of cross contamination.  Simply all natural

Q: What is Sugar paste?

A: Sugar paste is made from sugar, lemon and water. 100% natural - free of chemicals & artificial additives.    

Q: Do I need an appointment for my Sugaring service?

A: Yes.  By appointment only. We offer easy priority online booking at The salon is open 7 days a week from 8:30 am- 8:30 pm (depending on the day)

Q: I have sensitive skin, can I get sugared?

A:  Yes. Sugaring is the most gentle  form of hair epilation. Sugar is applied at room temperature & only adheres the dead skins & hair,  therefore – NONE of your live skin cells can be removed. Made from sugar, water, and lemon juice (citric acid),  It is 100% organic, natural & vegan.  Any type of skin type & hair type can be sugared. 

Q: Will my hair grow back darker and coarser?

A: No. On the contrary, the hair will grow back thinner, lighter and some will never grow back. Continual sugarings treatments will noticeably reduce hair growth and its re-growth takes longer to appear.

Q: How long before hair re-grows after sugaring?

A: Generally sugaring hair removal lasts between 3-6 weeks. Hair re-grows at different rates depending on your current thickness and quality of your existing hair. Over time using Sugaring as a treatment will significantly reduce hair growth. 

Q: Is it safe to get Sugared while pregnant?

A: Yes. Many women still get sugared throughout their pregnancy. There isn't any real reason to stop. Since every pregnancy is different, if you have any concerns,  consult your doctor. 

Q: Can I get sugared if I'm on my monthly cycle? 

A:  Yes!  It's completely fine with us, just up to you.  We just ask that you use a tampon before your service begins.

Q:  Can you sugar any part of the body? 

A:  YES!! We can sugar any unwanted body hair from eyebrows to legs and everywhere in between. 

 Q:  How long will my 1st Brazilian appointment take?  

A:  We book out 30 minutes for all Bikini services. This allows enough time for a thorough sugaring, explanation, and time for tweezing if needed.

Q: What should I do for After Care & how do I prevent ingrowns?

A:  After a sugaring treatment allow 24-48 hrs to let your treated area relax.  We recommend using a daily exfoliate scrub (no mitts or scrub brushes necessary - they harbor unseen/ unsmelt  bacteria)  Along with an exfoliating topical protection containing glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid.  These treatments allows dead skin cells to sluff off and keep you smooth & protected.