Welcome to Skin So Sweet®!

Get Sugared!

Established in 2006 being one of the first original leaders in our industry to bring the art of sugaring for hair removal to Orange County, Skin So Sweet has cultivated a beautiful brand, over a decade long passion and two OC locations to serve our clients.

Our specialty is sugaring! We specialize in this unique age old, organic hair removal method. We were the ONLY company who cultivated both brick and mortar locations for our clients to enjoy AND provided support, education, training and supplies to our professional industry as an industry leader through our former sister company Sweet Professional.

Skin So Sweet/ Get Sugared Inc. founder and CEO Catherine Kooiman has led Orange County’s love affair with sugaring long before the movement ever became popular. Skin So Sweet’s HB location is the product of two expansions later when Cat built and designed the HB studio in 2010. After the sale of her CDM location in 2012, a successful 5 year professional line of sugaring products and professional leadership in sugaring education/certification. Skin So Sweet’s second brick and mortar studio is now available in beautiful old town Tustin.

Skin So Sweet boasts it’s high quality services consistently maintaining the highest standard professionally in skin care for organic hair removal. Our sugaring and high quality skin care services for corrective skin care and healthy skin maintenance are our specialties.

Our facials will leave your skin glowing beautifully and our sugaring services will leave your skin sweetly smooth. Our beautiful and convenient locations will welcome you in to consistently enjoy your experience with us again and again.

We look forward to treating you soon!