Welcome to Skin So Sweet®!

Our Story

Catherine Kooiman, CEO of Skin So Sweet stumbled upon "The Art of Body Sugaring" an organic form of  hair removal after a decade of building a skin care & hair removal clientele. She knew this was going to be BIG, and an amazing transition for her current hair removal clients. Catherine's entrepreneurial spirt knew what she needed to do and Skin So Sweet was born in Seal Beach, CA. 2006. This sweet quint location nestled in SB quickly became to small to handle the demand for sugaring appointments. Cat decided to expand her brand by opening Corna Del Mar, CA and relocated her Seal Beach location to a larger salon in Huntington Beach, CA.  Her business continued to grow & grow allowing her to sell her CDM location and expand once again. With the enormous growth of sugaring, Cat built out a 1200 sq/ft Sugaring Salon in Huntington Beach with 3 beautifully decorated treatment rooms plus a spray tanning room.  Again with the continual growth in the sugaring market Catherine expanded her business to the manufacturing & educating side of sugaring.  Sweet Professional® was born in 2012. Providing sugaring pastes & products that are used to ensure the highest quality of sugar hair removal. The sugaring world is in Cat's finger tips- literally. What's next for Cat???  Well as for now, she enjoys calling Skin So Sweet her home and looks forward to coming to work. 

We look forward to treating you soon!