What is Sugaring?

The Art Of  Body Hair Removal

Sugaring was discovered & originated in Egypt dating back to 300 B.C. With the skin care industry becoming more “health conscious” and seeking more organic methods for healthier skin, “sugaring” has gained increased popularity.  We have found a way to make hair removal a more gentle and highly effective treatment.  Our licensed Estheticians & Sweet Professional trained Sugarists use a “hand held” method to apply our organic sugar paste (Sweet Professional) that gently removes unwanted hair and dead skin cells.  A malleable ball of sugar paste (sugar, lemon & water)  is gently applied against the direction of growth of the hair. The sugar is molded onto the skin and then gently flicked off in the direction of growth, allowing the hair to slide completely out of the root follicle without breakage or irritation. We continue this process of molding and flicking till the desired area is free of unwanted hair. 

Benefits of Body Sugaring

  • 100% sanitary

  • Less painful than traditional waxing

  • 100% organic, safe and effective

  • Sugaring paste is never hot so it will never burn

  • Skin stays smoother longer

  • Extracts shorter hairs than wax (⅛ to ¼ inch)

  • Significant hair reduction over time

  • Improves skin texture and tone

  • No cross contamination


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Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugar is a natural product that is used at body temperature that only adheres to hair & dead skin cells. A sugar paste is molded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth (with a hand-held technique).  It's then extracted with the natural direction of hair growth. This allows hairs to slide out gently causing, less pain, less irritation, less breakage, and less ingrowns. 

Wax is a resin based product that is heated to a high degree that adheres to hair & live skin cells. Waxing uses sticks & pellon strips that remove hairs against the natural hair growth.  This causes hairs to be bent backwards often causing breakage which makes this method more painful, more irritating and more likely to cause more ingrown hairs.